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MCT Dodekal One - D110 replica watches for sale

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MCT Dodekal One - D110 replica watches for sale

Messagepar jackie » Sam 14 Déc 2019 07:10

best replica watches review Titanium also introduces a new mix of matte, brushed and polished dynamics that contrasts with the angular structure of the dial - like some Steampunk art installations in the context of futuristic metropolises. However, despite this complexity, MCT sequential two S210 still does not have any special "complexity". According to the definition of the clock, only hours and minutes are displayed through the large blue minute hand, while the rotating louver indicating the louver for 12 hours shows the positions of 3, 6 and 9. Basically, the function of minute hand is the same as that of most other watches, but the hour is indicated by the "C" center disk rotating on the dial. Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise to new louvers per hour. There are four louvers, each of which carries three figures through five rotating prisms, with a time of 1 to 12 per hour. Therefore, in the above two images, the upper image tells us that the time is 8:10, while the lower image tells us that the time is 10:10.Image

The same as S200 is the case design – round 46 mm with downward curved lugs for comfort. The action of the movement is the same. The minute hand rotates 360 minutes around the dial and 60 minutes, and then fastens the C-shaped "manufacture temporatine du temps" ring by 45 degrees to show the aperture of the next hour, while covering the other three sets of louvers.

This year, MCT Switzerland will launch a new watch, the cool MCT dodekal one D110, at the 2017 Basel international watch and jewelry fair. This is the fourth (or fifth) of Denis giguet's creative brands, depending on how you calculate cosmetic updates. MCT made its debut as a brand in 2009, when it was still the incredible MCT sequential one. Mr. giguet later left the brand for a few years, but is said to be back. Although I'm not sure, I believe MCT dodekal one D110 is the brand's first "new" giguet product. Essentially, MCT dodekal one D110 uses the brand's iconic technician look, 43mm thick, and inserts a dial with a "digital" jump indicator with hours and traditional minute hands. The center mounted hour indicator window shows the appearance of the digital display that you can identify from the LCD screens of numerous electronic devices. Although dodekal one D110 has no electronic or "screen" appearance,

this porsche design chronograph timepiece is purely mechanical.

In order to achieve this interesting mechanical skill, the movement uses a turntable type "instruction" board, which seems to provide guidance for the various parts under the dial, so as to indicate the correct number of hours. This is a simpler and more powerful system than the system used by the still very cool de grisogono meccanico DG watch (hands-on operation here). The key to making a watch so cool is not only the mechanical complexity, but also the assurance to some extent that if there is a problem, not only will someone repair the watch, but also the mechanism of the watch. What I really appreciate about MCT dodekal one D110 is not only its complexity, but also its readability. In the past ten years or so, there have been many super complex clocks and watches. Although the visual effect of these strange works is excellent, most of them fail to meet the requirements in terms of readability. Nowadays, more and more brands begin to realize that readability is very important to have a real classic wristwatch. So unless I see the MCT dodekal one D110 in person and find that it's not as clear as it appears in these images, I've got a high opinion of the concept because it seems to be able to accomplish any decent timepiece, first an excellent Richard Mille RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ watch

In MCT dodekal one D110, it is obviously a self-made movement, which is called mct-d1. The core is equipped with an automatic upper chain and a miniature Tourbillon made of 18K gold, with a working frequency of 2.5hz (18800bph) and a power storage of 5  ̄ 0 hours. We don't have an image of the back of the casing, but we can see the movement of the casing. Although the lugs are relatively short, a 43 mm wide (30 m waterproof) casing will wear out considerably, which is a good thing. The case is mainly titanium, but as you can see, there will be various color versions, some with gold elements. The dial is almost non-sense in other aspects. Although it is basically symmetrical, it playfully implies asymmetry in the position of the skew bridge on the dial, as well as mechanical implication. The exposed gear on the dial is between 7 and 8. I believe this gear is part of a system for moving minute hands - minute hands seem to be mounted on transparent sapphire crystal.

MCT has shared other valuable information about the MCT dodekal one D110 chronometer series, and I hope to test it at the 2017 Basel International Watch & Jewelry Fair. They will be very limited, MCT says only 25 will be produced for each color version. The price of all titanium metals is CHF 55000 (Ref. sq 43 D110 Ti 01) and the price of titanium and rose gold is highluxurystore.com CHF 61000.
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