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MB&F HM1 Horological Machine No.1 10.T41RL.R Replica Watch

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MB&F HM1 Horological Machine No.1 10.T41RL.R Replica Watch

Messagepar elyora » Ven 31 Jan 2020 10:18

Best watches 2019 at Baselworld 2019

There were some surprises at Baselworld 2019, but at the show I also saw some expected iterations, updates and a large number of vintage releases. Due to the absence of many well-known brands from the Swatch Group's exhibition this year, and more brands participating in SIHH earlier this year, the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show is smaller and more focused than ever. Brands continue to use their heritage to launch many new versions to celebrate some form of celebrated anniversary, including the 50th anniversary of major watchmaking innovations in 1969. MBF Legacy Machine Perpetual 03.YL.BL

Even if technology or design innovation is not the central theme of the exhibition, there are plenty of satisfying new watches for you to admire. Duplicating "legacy" watches or new watches based on them often allows brands to focus on simple models with mass appeal and proven design life. This intersects the trend towards smaller, more wear-resistant sizes and entry-level items. Although industry insiders may find creativity stagnant, many consumers will welcome retro styles with modern specifications.

Breitling Navigator 806 1959 reissue
Why it matters: Under the guidance of Georges Kern, Breitling has recently been extracting exquisite replica papers, many of which are the brand's latest replica Navigator 806 1959 Re-Issue. Breitling antique car fans will no doubt be familiar with this reference, this is an iconic watch with a unique beaded bezel. When remaking the original watch, the company consulted one of the world's top Breitling collectors, and the result was worn and looked very much like the original watch until the exact number of beads used on the bezel.Urwerk UR-100 GunMetal Watch

Patek Philippe Weekly Calendar Ref. 5212A
Why it matters: In many cases, the Calatrava family represents the Platonic ideal of simple, time-limited dress watches. But the fact is that over the years, this iconic line has appeared in many forms, occasionally as a design platform for complex watchmaking. The new reference 5212A includes a weekly calendar, time, date, day of the week, and a pointer indicating the number of weeks between 1 and 53. Although this last piece of information may not be strictly useful to everyone, it is beautifully designed and exudes the elegance of wild and classic Patek Philippe. What's more, the watch is non-limiting and made of steel. Considering that Patek Philippe rarely uses non-precious metals, this is enough to set itself off.

Porsche Design Globetimer UTC
Why it matters: Porsche Design has worked with companies such as Orfina and IWC for years to develop innovative watches, but it's exciting that the watch company has grown into its own established watch brand. The new Globetimer UTC is designed with travellers in mind – the buttons on the side of the case allow users to add the hour hand in hours, jump out of the time zone quickly, and display the date with the handy date function. This is a luxurious watch in a stylish, futuristic packaging, available in three titanium dial colors or black solid gold dial. www.bestluxurysale.com

Bell and Rose double compass
Why it matters: We cheat a bit here because Bi-Compass appeared shortly before Baselworld, but we included it for the following reasons: Although we like the flight jacket inspired B & R MA- 1, but Bi-Compass just needs the bad guy factor to rise to a whole new level. The design of the Bi-Compass is taken from another cockpit instrument, which is the embodiment of a watch made of a powerful and cool instrument. Bell & Ross stands out from the crowd for a reason. This 42mm dial features a striking dial color on a matte black background that perfectly reflects the brand's spirit.

Tudor Black Bay P01
Why it's important: Given the trailer photos on Instagram, the entire watch industry may have been looking forward to a new Submariner, but it brings a very different look. Black Bay P01 is based on a Tudor model designed for the US Navy and patented in the 1960s, but the government never bought it and Tudor never put it into production. With its unique bezel locking mechanism and bracelet, 12-hour bezel and self-winding tourbillon movement MT5612, which powers the time and date dials, P01 is undoubtedly the starting point of the brand and has been welcomed. Even if you are not keen on aesthetics, it is hard to say that this watch does not follow the brand's "Born To Dare" spirit, which is sometimes lacking in the watch industry. high quality replica watches

Zenith Defy inventor
Why it matters: In 2017, Zenith introduced a fascinating technology that re-invents traditional watch escapements using the natural elastic properties of silicon, and it represents one of the real innovations in the watch world today. One. Defy Inventor was noticeable at this year's Baselworld, as it took the next step towards this fascinating technological industrialization, with hundreds of productions currently in production. Some elements have been updated from the 2019 Defy Inventor of the 2017 Defy Lab, but the aesthetic effect of the new model-the strange texture with its Aeronith bezel and hollowed out dial, shows that the large silicon oscillator is frantically twitching at 18Hz, which To a degree avant-garde-avant-garde surprisingly, this and similar technologies will lead the future of mechanical watches.

Seiko Prospex LX Spring Drive Series
Why it matters: Seiko continues to redefine itself and push into the high-end market. The new blockbuster LX series introduces a layer of land, sea and air categories into the Seiko Prospex tough sports watch series. These features include Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and time-only functions, as well as the brand's cool Spring Drive movement, with the exception of Grand Seiko watches. They are also close to Grand Seiko in price, but they have raised the profile of the Prospex brand and provided very cool sports watches for those with wrists, wallets and Seiko's stunning watchmaking skills. Tudor replica Watches
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